1. Social media evaluation- evaluation of YOUR businesses social media profile= charge separate fee

2. Profile and technical set up- Helping you setup your social media profiles

3. Daily basic profile management– daily services for your social media profiles: updating your profile and cleaning out the spam in inboxes (monthly fee) 3 Levels:

a. Fruit and Veggies Package: 30min. -1hr. per weekday Cleaning out your companies social media website/housekeeping on 2-3 profiles, basic profile management, content distribution– up to 1-2 status updates per profile per day and taking care of customer service responses.=$400-500 monthly.

b. Fruit, Veggies and Vitamins Package- same as basic package in addition to social media profile promoting, work 1-2 hrs. per weekday, 2 additional networks I will be running, basic engagement, audience building(finding people to like the company), reputation monitoring, and status updates 5-6 per day.= $1000-$1500 monthly.

c. Heaven– 3hours per weekday, done for you client, including blogging(have nate do this), promotion of the company, include both basic and business package plus: blog maintenance, content creation, reputation management,  FB ad and contest management, strategic consulting

1. Basic Profile management– accepting and declining all requests (friend, event requests), on twitter follow back followers, managing inboxes by deleting spam, forwarding messages to company, delete spam from profile walls, on fb this includes apps or spam tagging.

2. Content Distribution– posting status updates to company social media profiles, repost existing blog content, articles, audios, videos, links to current promotions, cross posting-letting people know on fb that you have a twitter or vice versa, setting up auto status updates-for good help with this go through an ebook that company sends and take out good quotes and send to socialumf

3. audience targeting building– growing your businesses social network, gaining followers of your business social profiles- fans, making friend requests, following people on twitter and fb, be an influencer, using a blog to outreach online

4. Reputation monitoring– watching for business reputation by viewing business social media profiles, i can use google alerts or,  (only report what is happening to business, instead of dealing with the problem)

5.Reputation management-only offered with celebrity package; dealing with results of monitoring

6.Customer service-responding to public and private inquiries, directing customers to help by website or phone or help customers directly(offer with done for you).

7.Engagement– commenting, replying, responding on behalf of client, retweeting, thanking, customer support(basic support), (advanced support)-twitter chat, fb posts as page, blog commenting on others blogs

8.Strategic Consulting– (include in all packages some kind of consulting): weekly consulting: Heaven package, bi-weeklyconsulting:Fruit veggies and vitamins, monthly consulting: Fruits and veggies(decide how much on call assistance i will give my clients and how much consulting on: content, contests, and promotions and when I should update client on new technologies and changes)

9.Content Creation– guidance on blog, audio, video content, project manage outsources, assist on development-writing blog posts etc.

10.Facebook ad and contest management– creating fb ads and setting it up, monitoring campaign and keeping it running

11. Blog Management-keep businesses plugins up to date, backing up, replying to blog comments, posting comment, tracking and monitoring statistics for the blog or website

– Audit/Evaluations: charge $197 and up

-Technical set up: charge $297 and up

-Fb fan page creation: charge $197 and up

4. Contest Creation- consulting and ala carte services. Some examples include but are not limited to: helping with any video or promotional videos, blog posts.

A. One time service- media audit evaluation, 2. Facebook fan page custom tab, [Consulting/training-Once a month training ($29-39 per month)]

B. Tech Help- ready for me to install my recommendations and optimization(ex. they need consistent background); profile setup, network client profiles with existing business website, FB fan page set up, custom graphics package, a wordpress blog- Kate outsources this(ask Nate to be a blog writer for me).

C. Training/Development- 1hr. web conference Q and A, 3hr. custom training, on-site training at company, 3 hr. small group live training event(once I get better)

D. Done for you

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